Message from The Progress’s Creative Arts Coordinator

It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of our friend, mentor, and artist priest, Fr. Bill Moore. His battle with cancer has finally concluded, and he is now with his Lord God.


He fought this scourge for several years, with the greatest of dignity and grace, and with the understanding that it was now his time. During this period, he once told me, “I’ve lived the most wonderful life--I believe I’ve done what I was meant to do.” In addition, his order must have recognized this; they encouraged and guided him to paint as a priest.  


I know I speak for all who have known him and consider him a friend and mentor. Our hearts are broken at this loss yet overjoyed at the prospect of his crossing over and painting on the other side.


On a personal note, my heart aches with the loss of my dear friend; at times, I have been overwhelmed with melancholy and fight the onset of a depression that I had no idea was in me. 

The love, patience, and understanding of my wonderful wife have helped me navigate this dark maze. I have concluded that he will always be with us in spirit rather than flesh. One of his God-given talents was his ability to listen, without judgment, at times without comment, so, when I feel the need, I will speak to him, I genuinely think he will be listening. 


- George


Reception: 9/12/20 6pm          Duration: 9/12/20-10/31/20

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