• Steve Thomas

    An interview with Steve Thomas, interpreting his works in solo exhibition, "(Dis) Still Life MMXX," presented by the Progress Gallery. 

  • Fr.Bill Moore

    Fr. Bill Moore talks about his last exhibition, "My Last Art Beats--Still Touching and Feeding Souls"presented by the Progress Galley in Sep. &Oct 2020.

  • Ted Rigoni

    A documentation of Ted Rigoni's photograph referring to his solo exhibition "Oxidized!" presented by the Progress Gallery.

  • Sumi Foley

    We visited Sumi Foley’s studio, and had an inspiring conversation with her. 

  • Alan Swartz

    An interview with an inter-displinary artist who provides an unique perspective on contemporary art. 

  • Yi Kai

    Yi Kai’s solo exhibition, “Impression of Mask and Maskers” took place in November 2020. 

  • Lisa Segal

    Lisa Segal is a poet, writer, and an artist who participated in the exhibition “ On the Paper” in Dec. 2020. 

  • Wade Stanley

    Wade paints self-portraits on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, plywood, and other people’s finished paintings 

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