Steve Thomas

An interview with Steve Thomas, interpreting his works in solo exhibition, "(Dis) Still Life MMXX," presented by the Progress Gallery. 

Ted Rigoni

A documentation of Ted Rigoni's photograph referring to his solo exhibition "Oxidized!" presented by the Progress Gallery.

Alan Swartz

An interview with an inter-displinary artist who provides an unique perspective on contemporary art. 

Lisa Segal

Lisa Segal is a poet, writer, and an artist who participated in the exhibition “ On the Paper” in Dec. 2020. 

Fr.Bill Moore

Fr. Bill Moore talks about his last exhibition, "My Last Art Beats--Still Touching and Feeding Souls"presented by the Progress Galley in Sep. &Oct 2020.

Sumi Foley

We visited Sumi Foley’s studio, and had an inspiring conversation with her. 

Yi Kai

Yi Kai’s solo exhibition, “Impression of Mask and Maskers” took place in November 2020. 

Wade Stanley

Wade paints self-portraits on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, plywood, and other people’s finished paintings 

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