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Artists: Shayne Mitchell, Nyx Alexandra 

Curator: Yuntong (Momo) Wu


 Exemplifying oppositional attraction, coexisting artists; Shayne and Nyx portray two separate truths that are inherently complementary to one another and ultimately halves of a whole. Reflecting upon upbringing, surroundings and instinctual ways of living, Nyx depicts a subjective perspective using radiant squiggles and smudged colors inspired by the senses and emotions our perceived environment evokes. Her work contemplates what is visibly here, which encompasses human experience that the self creates from temperament and influences; the capital “I” in us that is the ego. Pushing this ego aside, Shayne explores the more invasive truths that are beyond our filtered perception by using repetitive patterns of transitioning colors and illustrating internal events. Delving in realms touched upon science, mathematics and philosophy as a place that is void of boundaries and limits. In the invisible realm we inhabit, the fabric of time and space bare naked and form together intimately. Revealing this grand design gives light to the corresponding response which is the tangible constructs of the perceivable world that Nyx explores. Similarly, when each artists’ bodies of work are put together they create a totality of existence and involvement that bridges the gap between the subjective and the objective. 

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Nyx Alexandra is a multimedia artist who grew up in the Inland Empire and currently resides in Pomona. Since childhood, Nyx has been actively creating and sharing her art, but it wasn’t until enrollment at CSUSB in 2016 that she begun to regularly exhibit her artworks in both group and solo exhibitions. Nyx’s expressionistic style has remained constant throughout the years. Her work offers an observational perspective of environmental, social and emotional landscapes. Through use of intuition and expressive mark making, she is able to tap into a realm where anyone can feel a familiarity with and feel inspired to project themselves and their imagination. Nyx aims to put the viewer in these positions of self projection, pursuing to bring about a state of self reflection. 


Shayne Mitchell, a Southern California artist, primarily uses oil paints to explore the unseen truths that cannot be contained. By gathering resources from branches of knowledge including science and philosophy he finds a path that appears certain and meaningful. These paths correspond to the artistic process as well by implementing a methodical preliminary sketches consisting of patterns and representational symbols. By following these truth seeking guides and intuition, he attempts to translate an unseen world that is ever so real, but merely behind the veil of our filtered perception. Whether it being an exploration into quantum physics, or the unconscious, Shayne thrives to create some sort of window that attempts to share with you an adventure of better understanding of the self and everything around us. 


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Presented by the Progress Gallery 2021

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