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Curator: Yuntong (Momo) Wu

Artists: Kendall Sun, Tess McVaugh, Shayne Mitchell, Maudi Carlile


Humans are the only animal on the earth that have thought about the correlativity between the mind and the body and are the only beings that attempt to learn and perceive the body from an objective point of view. We are aware of our body as we are aware of our identity, while we are able to physiologically set our bodies from the external environment. 


The body usually represents the fundamental and physical part of an individual; it is so straightforward and un-spiritual that we often underestimate the power and possibilities it may contain. Body is not an inferior instrument that simply obeys the order of the brain, rather, it influences the brain significantly when metabolism and hormone change. Any injuries on the body could cause anxiety, fear, and panic. If we consider the brain the place where our mind and soul dwell, the body is not merely the attached supplement; the brain and the body cooperate to integrate our lives with memories and sentiments. The somatic memory and experience are a portal into the subconsciousness, instinct, and even the collective unconscious of humankind. 


This exhibition purposes to allow the audiences to observe the different interpretations of the body, and to reacquaint the energy and wisdom of it. 

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Artists Interview

Presented by the Progress Gallery 2021

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