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Time, Love, & Gravity

Curators: Brandon Monk Muñoz, E. E Jacks, Melinda Hagman, Michael Magoski

Artists: Michael Flechtner, Emily Heller, Tess Israelson, Scott A. Trimble, Rebecca Jo Cash, Carla Roque, Katherine England, M. Bryan, Scott A. Trimble, Michael Magoski, Bryan Jennings, E.E Jacks, JB Mandell, Yuntong (Momo) Wu, Melinda Hagman, Aron Green, Lena Moross, Valerie Lewis, John Sollom, Carol Towler, Candace Magoski, Scott A. Trimble, Bryan Jennings, Carla Roque, Rene Cardona, Myra Allen, Leanne Sargeant, Jeremy E. Grayson, Leanne Sargeant, Paul Sargeant. 


This exhibition is about the invisible interwoven threads that connect us to our shared reality. We experience our own individual story as a communal member of humanity's past, present and future. Our existence is our participation. 


As feeling and thinking beings, we struggle to  make sense of ourselves within a world of constant change and flux. We continue to process the many conflicting messages and emotions of these times while navigating our own uncertain paths. 


The artists in this show have come together to share their part of this story through their chosen mediums. These works have been completed between 2020 - 2022, a season of many questions and much introspection. This exhibit is simply a momentary rest stop during our ongoing search for the timeless truths that connect us all.

We are born here on earth to die one day. The life we live in between is the art for others to interpret as they continue to shape the never-ending narrative of Time, Love and Gravity...

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Brandon Monk Muñoz is an artist and furniture maker based in Fullerton, California. He was nicknamed 'Monk' by his friends at age 13. Monk designs and builds his pieces with carefully selected American hardwoods. Each piece is created with the client in mind and every measure is taken to insure a long lasting and uniquely beautiful end result that will only get better with age.


E. E Jacks is a painter and a poet. She has received several awards and been featured in various periodicals. Her work has received several awards and been featured in various periodicals. Her work has also been showcased in museums such as MOLAA, Olaf Wieghorst Museum, the Yellowstone and Yosemite Museums and been recognized and exhibited in the California State Capitol.


Melinda Hagman is a painter and a poet whose paintings focus on portrait and figures. She is also a children’s lead and a book seller. Her painting delivers a sense of peacefulness through he placid and calm colors and exquisite brush stocks.


Michael Magoski is the founder of the Magoski Arts Colony of Downtown Fullerton. He is a poet, photographer, and a sound artist. The Arts Colony created an immersive multi-gallery art experience under one roof. 

Curator Interview 

Presented by the Progress Gallery

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