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“Familiar Strangeness”


“Eternity in the Flowing Space”


In January 2021, the Progress Gallery featured two artists, Yuntong (Momo) Wu and Zhu (Judy) Zhu, distinctively in the West and the East showrooms. The “Familiar Strangeness” showcases a body of Momo’s recent work that utilizes alternative mix-media and printmaking methodologies creating abstract imagery and interpreting the inner-connection between our mutual understanding towards physicality and philosophical enquires, and the deep historical connection with the planet 

and historical connection with the planet and the cosmos. The “Eternity in the Flowing Space” by Judy Zhu was presented in the East exhibit space, and showcases a series of her self-portrait and figure painting of her family and friends. Judy’s work, based on her personal experience and observation on the societal relationships, attempts to reveal the binary composition of the transitory human life and the eternal humanity. 

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Judy (Zhu) Zhu

Judy (Zhu) Zhu is a figurative and an acrylic painting based in Torrance, California. She was born in Japan, raised in China, and has immigrated to the US when she was 14. Judy is an artist, educator and a writer. She has been teaching art for 10 years in Torrance. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute. Her work is integrated with her cross-cultural experience and critical observation on humanities.

Instagram: @zhu4406 

Momo (Yuntong) Wu

Momo (Yuntong) Wu is a curator and an inter-disciplinary artist who work with mix-media painting, printmaking, ceramic, and clay. She currently lives and works in Pomona, and is operating the Progress Gallery in Pomona Arts Colony. Momo was born in China and came to the United States to study. She obtained her master’s degree in fine from San Francisco Art Institute in 2019. Her work has been exhibited and collected in California, Texas, and Washington State.

Instagram: @yuntongwu_momo


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Presented by the Progress Gallery 2021

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