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A Conjunction exhibition with The dA Center of Arts 


This group exhibition showcases over 40 artworks, featuring 6 artists who work with diverse mediums—painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramic, and installation. Women-artist has been a general category of artist that naturally attaches with the societal labels: an artist and meanwhile a mother, a wife, and a daughter. Women nowadays are expected to bear the societal responsibility while achieving their own success. With the lack of exposure of opportunities along history, many talented women artists are under-estimated and are confronting the difficulty of being appreciated. Despite the blossoms of female-artist movements, the domestic and social expectations towards women are still challenging. However, female artists inevitably contribute their sensibility, strength and exquisiteness in art, literature, and the other forms of creation. 


Celebrating the diversity of femininity, this exhibition collaborates with The dA Center of Arts and aims to bring together the female artists not only from Pomona, but also from overseas. The artists who come from different cultural backgrounds show their expertise and passion in their interest and interpretations of art. We hope you will perceive the female characters in the works, and to learn the stories of each artist. 

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Leslie A Brown

Leslie is a printmaker, interdisciplinary fine artist and a educator. She was born in New Kensington, PennsylvaniaShe is a graduate with University Honors of both Carnegie Mellon University and the University of New Mexico in painting and printmaking. Her career has spanned 40 years as an artist and educator and her exhibition record is extensive. Works are featured in prominent private, corporate and museum collections throughout the United States and Europe. Ms. Brown is a Professor at Riverside City College in Riverside, Ca. and the Gallery Director of The Quad Gallery. During her tenure as director, The Quad Gallery has exhibited internationally renowned artists and has become one of the most respected college galleries in the Southern California region.


Amy Welikey 

Amy Weliky is a ceramic artist whose works mostly focus on figure and portrait. Amy is an influential local artist who lives and works in Southern California. Her works has been exhibited in a number of galleries nationwide. She is currently making art in the artist-residency with the American Museum of Ceramic Art in downtown Pomona. 


Quincey Grace


Quincey is a ceramicist and a mixed-media artist. She is self-taught, and started being interested in art when she was very young. She now lives and works in Claremont, California. She have painted and decoupaged wildly-colored furniture, wooden painter’s boxes, and large, empty picture frames, and made vibrantly-colored pastels drawings before starting to make ceramics. Her works are often figurative and with vibrant colors. Her work integrated with fabric, beads, flowers. 


Sang Chi Liu


Sangchi is a Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist, editor, and curator based in Los Angeles. They are performance-based, interdisciplinary artist who subverts contemporary photography by transforming their own body into camera parts. Their work is driven by my desire to set forth a photographic history inclusive of their cultural background while re-inventing their own body-camera. They are currently accomplishing the Master of Fine Art Program at California Institute of the Arts. They received their MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, BA from National Taiwan University.


Nyx Alexandra 

Nyx is a painter and mixed-medium artist who lives and works in the Pomona Arts Colony. Her work express her exquisite observation of daily life. She often uses delicate and fragile materials in her three-dimensional works. Her work has been exhibited and collected in Southern California. 


Taylor Venturini 


Taylor is a fine artist and an educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has studied art in the Czech Republic and Berlin, and was a presented artist in Art in the Global Context exhibition. She is also an Atomic Graphics Illustrator for children's book.


Nadine Allan


Nadine is a mixed-media artist who works with fabric, texture paper, wires, etc, She graduated from the Fine Arts Program of the University of California, Los Angeles. Her work has shown across Los Angeles and New York, and has hung in the U.S. Capitol Building. She is a graduate of UCLA's Fine Arts program, and was taught by notable artists such as Charles Ray and Lari Pittman.

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