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Curator: Yuntong (Momo) Wu


Artists: Pamela Alderman, Neda Badiei, Adam Buck, Madison Lucas, Shawn Smith, Stephen D. West


What if our environment could be given a voice? What would it sound like? Would nature’s voice reflect the roaring sounds of wild fires consuming the forests, or the cries of countless birds killed by wind turbines and environmental poisons? Or would we hear the ethnic minority’s tears, because of the injustices that strip away their freedom? Today, we need to take the opportunity and the responsibility to listen to the spoken and unspoken voices. Our action—or inaction—will make a lasting imprint on the world for generations to come.

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Pamela Alderman is a watercolor artist and facilitator who initiates participatory art that explores new ways to foster community. Such interactive work prompts layers of healing processes to bring about brief but meaningful experiences for individuals and groups. Year after year, participants respond to the transformative power within her interactive exhibits.


Neda Badiei is an oil painter whose works often embody figures and portraits in representational expression. She was born in Central Persia in 1974 and left Iran in 2002. She currently lives and works in California, the United States. Her artwork passes on the feeling of the moment she capture her subject and transfer that to any art lovers to bring peace, beauty and tranquility. 


Adam Buck is a photographer who is based in Southern California. His photography focuses on landscapes and night sky. By utilizing long shutter speeds, his work captures imaginative and magical images of the sky. 


Madison Lucas is a ceramic artist whose artwork deals with how to interact with the world through abstract mark making. Her work dynamically incorporates installation presentation and mix media technique. She obtained a degree of Master of Fine Art from the Azusa Pacific University. 


Shawn Smith is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Southern California, the United States. His work often embodies hands and hand gestures, revealing the fragility and vulnerability of humanity, and the deep connection of all human beings.  


Stephen West is a mix-medium artist who works with photography and watercolor. His work incorporates collage and digital techniques, indicating partially abstracted images of wood bark, botanicals, and natures.  


Exhibition Photos

Artist Interview


Presented by the Progress Gallery. 2021

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