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Curator: Yuntong (Momo) Wu

Artist: Alan Swartz


“Illusion Intrusion” is a solo exhibition of Alan Swartz. His paintings show a multi-faceted individual whose collection goes from black and white pencil drawings to bold-colored animals and people with expressive faces and body languages. He doesn’t paint from pictures; instead, he puts color on the canvas and his inner feelings come out. When he paints, he is relating to the canvas and it helps him in making the right decision.


Alan's  sculptures are almost an extension of his paintings. However, in sculpture, he uses a vastly different approach. Many of the sculptures are made from found objects. People tend to see an object for what it is,  he sees it as a shape. Alan has incorporated vacuum cleaner tubes, cabinet handles, plastic prescription bottles, paint stirrers, glass bottles, styrofoam , golf clubs, old computer parts and disks, and old credit cards. During the process of making art, he forgets time; once he gets an idea he will work it into several ideas and go with it. 

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Alan Swartz is an interdisciplinary artist whose works are incorporated painting, sculpting, and ceramic techniques. He was born in 1937, and started drawing and painting in his early years of High School, studied art with Know artist’s of the time. He obtained his MFA degree from Otis College of Art and Design in 1961. Swartz spent 16 years as an art specialist with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation department before opening his own business, Art Showcases, and art supply and framing business in the Claremont Village. He retired in 1999, concentrating full time on his art. His artworks have won numerous awards from the Associated Artists, Inland Valley and Chaffey Community Museum of Art.   


Exhibition Photos

Artist Interview 


Presented by the Progress Gallery 2021

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