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Curator: Momo (Yuntong) Wu

Artists: Alex Jansen, Brandon Monk Muñoz, Evelyn Hang Yin, Lisa Segal


This exhibition invited interdisciplinary artists with the backgrounds of archaeology, poetry, social science, and instrument-furniture design. The artists incorporate their knowledge and research with the artworks, manifesting dynamic perspectives and alternative interpretations on art. The exhibiting works in diverse forms incorporate sculpting, documenting, writing, composing, and societal investigation methodologies, which reveals the connection between multiple subjects and the logic of ideations. 


As contemporary art has been consolidated by different studies and methods, the artwork questions the definition of the boundary of art. This exhibition will examine the traditional expectation of fine art and the significance of institutional art training. Artists with multi-disciplinary backgrounds and supportive resources reveal the interaction between comprehensive study and practice, and the depth, breadth, and diversification of art. 

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Alex Jansen is an archaeologist, anthropologist, and artist. Alex is currently working at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. He has published, taught, exhibited, and worked nationally and internationally. His research focuses on our connection to the natural and cultural world through photography, art, illustration, and digital media. Alex uses his work as a research tool to create and explore environments in which we can experience the natural and cultural world. 


Brandon Monk Muñoz is an artist and furniture maker based in Fullerton, California. He was nicknamed 'Monk' by his friends at age 13. Monk designs and builds his pieces with carefully selected American hardwoods. Each piece is created with the client in mind and every measure is taken to insure a long lasting and uniquely beautiful end result that will only get better with age.


Evelyn Hang Yin is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Yininvestigates how her experience moving between China and the U.S. informs her cultural identity, and is invested in issues of race, history, place/displacement, and collective memory.


Lisa Segal, a poet/writer/artist, has lived in Los Angeles for more than thirty years. Her book, METAMORPHOSIS: Who is the Maker? An Artist’s Statement, published by Bombshelter Press, includes her poetry, prose, and photographs of her sculptures. She won the 2017 Los Angeles Poet Society Poetry Month Contest. She teaches poetry and writing as part of the Los Angeles Poets & Writers Collective and is a member of StudioEleven, an artist-run cooperative.


Exhibition Photos

Artist Interview 

Presented by the Progress Gallery

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