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Dec 10th 2020 - Jan.3rd. 2021


“On the Paper” is a group exhibition conceived by eight artists who work in a variety of art forms and come from multiple cultural backgrounds. The encounter of different perspectives and thoughts that are brought together by the mutual element, “paper,” provides an opportunity for audiences to hear, to learn, and to embrace.

From the handmade to the industrial mass-production, the paper, as an essential material involved in human civilization and contributed to the continuity and the creativity of cultures, is integrated in the artworks by the artists who have deeply investigated this material. We expect our audiences to see the humanity revealed in art, and to hear a wide range of voices through the daily and common object, paper.

Curator: Yuntong (Momo) Wu

Artists: Sapira Cheuk, Sumi Foley, Chiho Harazaki, TJ Huang, Denise Kramer, Brandon Neher, Lexygius Calip, Lisa Segal, Jusun (Jessie) Seo


Meet the Artists: 

Exhibition Photos:

Virtual Tour Video:

Art Talk with Sasse Museum of Arts:


Presented by the Progress Gallery  2020

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